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Well, Hi There, Spring!

I'm back! Last week ended up being an unplanned break from blogging - our vehicle broke down, we bought a new one, I had the worst cold of the century, and then my baby got sick. It was crazy, to say the least... but I am living proof that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. :)

Photo by Daniel Williams

This weather, y'all. It has me going through my days with open windows, bare toes, and a song in my heart.

But oh, Louisiana spring.

You're charming but treacherous, darlin'.

We all know your butterfly kiss breezes are just a segue into the fiery furnace we call summer...when about the only good things are swimming pools, sweet tea, and air conditioning.

But I love you. I love the way you remind me that life is beautiful, with baby animals, tender baby plants, and tiny wildflowers. I love the pale freshness of the leaves, and the way the trees look against the intense blue sky we only see in March. I love the long evenings and the breezes and the smell of dirt and fresh grass. I love how you overflow with hope and new beginnings.

Most of all, I love the power of the song you sing - of life springing out of cold and darkness into warmth and light. All around me, creation shouts the praise of the One Who touches our hearts and turns them from dead stone to living flesh.

Is there anything more awe-inspiring than that?

I look at a world coming to life, and I see the touch of a Redeemer's hand, the One who spoke all of this into existence...the One who transformed me when I was dead in my sin and could do nothing to change myself. Cold, dark stone changed to love Him forever. Death to life.

I hear your song, and I am thankful to my Father, the Giver of Life.

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