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"The Savior Died, But Rose Again"

I have thirteen minutes left to say that today is Good Friday. As I write, the tiny letters in the corner of my laptop screen read 11:47 PM. Almost the end of the day that saw our Savior, the God Man, cry, “It is finished” on a cross.

The day that saw the sun darken, the earth quake, rocks split, graves open, saints rise, and the veil of the temple tear in two from top to bottom.

I started this post early this morning. And I’ll just tell you, it has evolved several times since then.

But that’s a good thing.

Because by contemplating all day, the ideas in my mind have boiled down to what truly matters.

Namely, that in Him we have

redemption through His blood.

the forgiveness of sins.

according to the riches of His grace. (Eph. 1:7)

And that is all.

At the end of the day – THIS day – that is what was finished on the cross.

I’m going to leave you with one of my treasures tonight.

The Scottish Paraphrases Psalter of 1781 is dear to my heart. If you haven’t read the beautiful poetry or heard the achingly-sweet melodies of that brave, blood-stained Covenanter church, you are missing something truly precious.

I give you Romans chapter 8, verses 34-39, fitted to verse. It encapsulates the hope we have because of the majesty of Christ’s death, burial, and glorious resurrection.

The Saviour died, but rose again

Triumphant from the grave;

And pleads our cause at God’s right hand,

Omnipotent to save.

Who then can e’er divide us more

From Jesus and His love,

Or break the sacred chain that binds

The earth to heaven above?

Let troubles rise, and terrors frown,

And days of darkness fall;

Through Him all dangers we’ll defy,

And more than conquer all.

Nor death nor life, nor earth nor hell,

Nor time’s destroying sway,

Can e’er efface us from His heart,

Or make His love decay.

Each future period that will bless,

As it has blessed the past:

He loved us from the first of time,

He loves us to the last.

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