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Nashville With Two Littles

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Daniel and I love Nashville. Even aside from the Music City aspect, it's just a fun place to hang out. And the food, y'all... and the Tennessee weather...

2020 has been a crazy year, and after being quarantined for 3 months, we were ready to see some new country. When both spouses work from home, it is SURPRISING how hard it is to relax because there isn't always a clear off-switch on the business. So one night when I was browsing AirBnB for fun, I saw an adorable tiny house and texted Daniel across the house. (Tell me we're not the only couple who does this...)

Wanna book a weekend in Nashville for your birthday?

Lol let's do it!

Y'all, this tiny house. We fell in love. It was 212 square feet, and the brightest, coziest, most thoughtfully designed little place. The hosts -- a musical couple raising two boys - built it themselves. They are nurturing a little homestead in the middle of Nashville, and their yard felt like an overgrown forest fairy garden.

Here are a few photos, but you can also view the listing on AirBnB - just search "Dreamy Tiny House Cottage." It has been featured in publications such as Southern Living and USA Today. Use my link HERE to get $20 off of your first AirBnB stay!

The four of us fit perfectly, and it was the perfect home base for us. Our hosts even provided a pack-and-play and highchair for Sean! We loved using the antique projector screen to watch movies at night, and this mama appreciated the vintage claw foot tub for bubble baths. And after the boys went to sleep (EARLY!) both nights, Daniel and I enjoyed relaxing in our loft space, complete with a skylight overhead to watch the stars.

Loved the French press and blueberry-infused coffee

Traveling with two kids under two definitely has its hectic times, but don't let anyone tell you it can't be romantic and relaxed too. Planning -- and being intentional -- is KEY. :)

Traveling during Covid-19 times was different -- most restaurants only did takeout, and the Grand Ole Opry, Opryland Resort and other attractions were closed. Our first night we picked up takeout from Burger Up, our favorite burger place in Nashville. The Woodstock burger with their signature barbecue sauce and truffle fries are out of this world!

We enjoyed hiking at Radnor Lake -- it's fairly easy to social distance in nature!

On this trip we picked up coffee at Red Bicycle, right outside the neighborhood where we stayed. In the past we've enjoyed coffee at CREMA and keep meaning to try the well-known favorite, Frothy Monkey. Read about our last trip to Nash here!

We spent time walking downtown, and Daniel finally got a chance to try the scooters!

Nashville is a beautiful and growing city, so we enjoy just taking it all in. The creative community is really strong in Nashville (it's not all music there!) and it's easy for a photographer to get excited by the views. :)

We enjoyed our time walking around The Factory at Franklin, a repurposed vintage stove factory that now boasts artisan shopping, gourmet food (try the Five Daughters Bakery!) and entertainment. A very "Instagrammable" environment, haha!

Our first dining experience since quarantine was odd with all the social distancing, yet satisfying. We ate at The Pharmacy, Nashville's wurst-burger joint and original biergarten, complete with an old-school soda fountain . (Noticing a burger theme in my postpartum cravings here?) The interior is much like an old-west saloon... dim, warm light, rustic beams, and a bustling atmosphere. This time, we were tucked away in the corner of the beer garden, served our food in takeout containers by staff in masks and gloves. Memorable, to be sure!

We finished our little getaway by spending some time at Sevier Park, a little gem in East Nashville. (It's wise to let a toddler wear himself out before you put him in the car for 8 hours!) Daniel, Barrett, and I soaked up the spring breeze while Sean ran up and down the hills.

Traveling with littles is best done with lots of caffeine to offset the adult disadvantage in the energy department. :) But with lots (and lots) of snacks, regular chances to run and get energy out, and staying consistent with the basic structure Sean knows at home, our first trip as a family of four was a blast. (There were stressful moments like when both boys had blowout dirty diapers in a truckstop parking lot, but hey. Adventure.)

Whether it's wearing Barrett in a carrier or stopping to show Sean how to enjoy a view, we always want to tuck our children into our lives, instead of allowing everything to revolve around them. I know Sean thrives on and is comforted by that structure. As fluid and crazy as our entrepreneur lifestyle is, we always want our kids to be able to go with the flow and embrace the beauty of learning life by our side. Check with me in a few years to see how I'm doing with that. :) Goals are a worthy thing!

One of the ways I love to entertain Sean on road trips is with books -- be on the lookout next week for video reviews of his new books!

What's the last road trip you took? Share your favorite memories below in the comments!

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