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Photo by Joel Vodell

I originally wrote this with another purpose in mind, but because it's so special to me, I also wanted to share it here with you. It's different from my usual posts, but I hope it's a blessing!

- Caroline


Has your world ever shattered? Was it a phone call, a sudden life change, broken dreams? Something that left you clueless on how to pick up the pieces and move forward?

That happened to me and my husband a few years ago -- on my birthday, no less. I hung up the phone that night, got on my knees, and sobbed. The next day, I went for a walk. I needed to process, and fresh air helps me think and pray. The future seemed as ominous as ever, but as I stared up at the huge stretch of blue sky, I remembered a verse somewhere in the Psalms about God’s faithfulness being like the heavens. “Well, that’s pretty big,” I said out loud.

A wise person once taught me that there are two guardrails for our lives: God’s sovereignty, and God’s goodness. If He was all-powerful, but not good, that would honestly be terrifying, wouldn’t it? And if He was only good, but not in control of all things, how could we trust Him to keep His promises? Finally, I would add that He is all-wise. We will never face anything that happens outside of God’s mighty power, beyond His infinite wisdom, or without His indescribable love for His children.

Sweet friends, let’s look together to Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, where we can find confidence that this God is for us and not against us. No matter what hardships you are facing today, take comfort in knowing that God is sovereign, and He is good. These two guardrails keep us from falling. So hold on tight, take courage, and be still before our good, wise, and sovereign Father.

“Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.” Psalm 36:5

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