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Cuppa Tea, Please

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Photo by Daniel Williams

Yes, I know the photos on my home page strongly suggest a steamy love affair with coffee.

And I do hold deep affection for a tall, dark, and {strong} cup of coffee. I do. But (don't tell the coffeepot), my first love is tea. Fragrant, unassuming, delicate yet robust, and with flavors spanning the spectrum, tea will always hold my heart.

To be honest, coffee didn't play a role in my life at all.....until wedding planning hit. (True story!) Staying up until the wee hours of the morning and the life-altering decisions between periwinkle and robin's egg blue made caffeine utterly necessary to keep me sane. And now I'm quite hooked on the stuff, which is fine by me.

Coffee, for me, is for personal stimulation and socializing with other humans. It's awesome. But I still choose tea when I want to shut the world out, breathe deeply, and recharge.

Picking a favorite tea is like choosing a favorite book for me - IMPOSSIBLE. But one that stands out is this beauty: Ginger Peach Longevity Tea by Republic of Tea. **

Photo by Daniel Williams

I grew up sipping this tea with my momma. It’s a mellow, refined blend of black tea with luscious peach and just the right hint of spicy ginger. It can be enjoyed plain and pure (steeping it for 5 minutes is perfect), but oh, it tastes like dessert in a teacup with sugar and cream! And as iced tea… refreshing beyond words! (I am from Louisiana, after all. What’d you expect?)

Even if you aren’t a tea drinker yet, please go give this tea a chance. You won’t regret it!

Any tea lovers out there? Let me hear from you in the comments! What are your favorite blends?


**(This post contains Amazon affiliate links. That means that I'll earn up to a 10% commission if you make any purchases after being referred through my website. Don't worry - it's at no extra cost to you.)

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