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Choosing Gospel-Focused Friendship in a Me-Focused World

"It was Sunday morning, and I knew I looked as awkward as I felt. I groaned inwardly and tried to paste on a convincing smile. We had rushed out the door late and, well, let’s just say I had a headache and was pretty sure my son smeared something on the shoulder of my dress. I felt my mom status keenly. Instead of the church lobby being a peaceful haven after a busy week, I cringed at the thought of potential scrutiny. As I greeted church members with a stuck-on smile, my mind was whirring with what-ifs. Am I sending out stressed vibes? Are they noticing that my kids’ hair isn’t brushed? What if they think I’m a bad mom? Worse yet, what if they feel sorry for me?

My husband raised one eyebrow at me and reached to take the baby. “You okay?”

“Not really,” I said through my smile.

“Babe, just relax.” Somehow he knew. “Everything’s fine.”

Restraining the urge to roll my eyes, I turned to give a friend a hug. As we chatted, my eyes flitted to her oh-so-on-trend outfit and perfectly styled hair. A little shocked at the twinge of jealousy, I pulled my attention back to her story and hiked that forced smile a little higher."

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