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Awesome Friendship Adventures: Return of the Golden Feather

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Back Cover

Wonderful adventures and challenges are on their way! In this NEW marvelous, colorfully illustrated book, the smart and funny parrot named Arthur has to face his worst nightmare, Evil Hawk. This dangerous predator stole Arthur’s golden feather and got away with it. Now, the brave parrot has to get it back.

During this exciting adventure, Arthur will encounter many trials, meet new friends, and challenge himself.

Return of the Golden Feather has the power to spark young readers’ imaginations with both beautiful illustrations and thoughtful storytelling.

4500 words and 16 vibrant illustrations

My Thoughts

The author of this book approached me personally to write a review, which was fun! I enjoyed chatting back and forth with her leading up to writing this review. I'm happy to feature her here and share my thoughts on her cute children's book.

The illustrations were the first thing to stand out -- they are so cute! The story was imaginative and Disney-like, with Arthur the parrot's magical golden feather. The feather makes other animal's wishes come true, but Arthur has a problem -- as many times as he wishes for a family, he's still alone. When the evil hawk steals his feather, an adventure ensues and he learns important lessons about being a friend, serving others, and finding family in unexpected places. As the last paragraph states, sometimes you have to lose something to find the most important things.

I was surprised at how suddenly the adventure wrapped up -- I would have liked to see the climax expanded a little more -- but overall it's a fun little story and I think it could be used for good discussions with kids on the lessons shared.

The writing style was simple and would be best for Level 2 readers.

4 stars

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