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Announcing: A New Era

Updated: Jul 14

Hey friend!

I know I've been quiet here, and it's because I'm working on something NEW for you!

To those of you who have read this blog since 2019, thank you from the bottom of my teary-eyed heart. You asked repeatedly for more words from me that weren't just book reviews, and I'm finally able to do that.

I'm a little giddy.

(Don't get me wrong: the book reviews aren't going away completely. But they'll mostly live on my bookstagram, which just got a snazzy new username! Instead of @cosmosandacuppa, now you can see what I'm reading @carolinereads_books.)

I have a new place for words on the internet, and this time it's in letter form, going straight from me to your inbox.

Between you and me, I've been working on this since last fall. I took my time because I'm telling stories I've never told before. But it's time to tell them. Because I'm telling the stories I wish someone had told me.

So this is me, doing it scared.

In fact, the very first letter is coming on Tuesday, July 18, and it's about "doing it scared". There's a Rodgers and Hammerstein reference and a playground slide story and I can't wait to send it to you.

The Cosmos and a Cuppa newsletter on Substack will arrive in your inbox twice a month. You can expect essays, occasional book recommendations, poems, and other bits of light we’ve found together on the internet.

For now, everything is FREE. Just select the bottom option, “no pledge” and voilà, you’re on the list! You'll get a welcome email right away.

Here's a blurb from my About Page on Substack:

This newsletter is for you if you’ve ever taken a deep breath at a sunset or the edge of the ocean—or cried in your car. It’s for you if you’ve ever felt scared of the future or asked if your feelings were too big.

What if life isn’t a robotic wash, rinse, repeat cycle? What if God created stories and beauty and we’re whole humans with limitations and needs and feelings? What if this world is broken and beautiful? What if the little things matter, living slow matters, making memories matters, thinking deep and big, and creating something (because we’re all made in the image of a Creator) matters?

I'm sending the first letter out on Tuesday, July 18. If you are already subscribed to this blog, great, no action needed! I'll add you to the list.

If you're not already subscribed, I'd love to have you, friend.

P.S. There is a Substack app but you don't need it. If you entered your email, you'll get my letters directly in your email. If you ever want to view my whole Substack, you can click to visit my site here.

P.P.S. This website is getting a major glow-up (think grown-up writing website) courtesy of Integrity Productions very soon. So stay tuned for some exciting changes and ways to work together!

P.P.P.S. (Is that a thing?) I love you so dang much. Yes, you. You're so wonderfully amazing and important and special and yet you're sitting here still reading my words. Cannot wait to enter this new era with you! xoxo

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