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Books I Love (And You Might Too)
a running list of recommendations 

When people ask me for my favorite books, I almost always come up blank, because there are JUST. TOO. MANY. 

So I attempted to find a solution. It is by NO means exhaustive (hear me? Not even close!) but it's a start. And it's called a running list for a reason, so check back every now and again to see the new additions! 


The books you will find are all treasured parts of my life for one reason or another. See my post on the subject here. 

If you have a question about a particular category or book, just use the chat button in the bottom right of your screen. I'm only a message away!

Last thing: Clicking on the boxes below will pull up a temporary, interactive view of a specific list. 


But if you want something a bit more printer friendly, see the "downloads" drop-down tab to view PDF files. 

Happy browsing!

All the Little Children

Tweens and Teens...

Basically Everybody Else

Spiritual Growth and the Study of God

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