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Thank you for stopping in! 

I was always THAT girl -- the one scribbling stories, imagining adventures, and devouring books. Along the way, I fell in love... the kind of love that leaves you giddy and out of breath.


I fell in love with the way stories -- really good stories -- capture the breathtaking beauty of grace in our lives.


Like little Polaroid snapshots.

To summarize (read my first about me post here) -  I'm a southern girl who is amazed at the grace of Christ toward such an unworthy sinner. 


I'm married to my very best friend and mommy to sweet Sean and Barrett. I'm a former music teacher, my husband's business partner, a freelance writer, and a copywriter who gets a little too excited about business and Instagram.

I collect too many coffee mugs and I light candles daily for hygge. I'm a baker who's learning to love cooking (wish I could live on scones and bread, but such is life). 


I'm an all-things-British enthusiast who is thankful for BBC series (and the occasional courtroom drama) to make laundry-folding tolerable. Lady Violet and Elizabeth Bennet are my soulmates, although in weak moments I have been known to matchmake like Emma Woodhouse. 


I love words ... playing with them, fine-tuning them, using them to love people. I love art and beauty in chaos - the discipline of celebration, as Shauna Niequist puts it. Everyday worship, as Ruth Chou Simons says.

If you love finding light and beauty in everyday life... if you're like me and NEED to anchor your heart daily on a loving and wise God... I'm so glad you're here. 

Whether you are dancing in the kitchen today or dwelling in a dark place... please join me in searching for light in the little things. 

No matter what you face today, you are not insignificant. 

Our God is good, and He gives good gifts to His children. Often these gifts are hidden in plain sight. In stories and children's giggles and breeze through open windows... but just as much (maybe more?) in stormy days and sleepless nights. 

If anything I write gives you courage for your journey, then I've succeeded. My email door is always open to you! 

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